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Slim and fit, she preferred jerseys over dresses any day, but she never was one for the limelight - unlike Sandy who loved it.No, Ashley usually did her best to be a wallflower, her golden hair down to mid-cheek and bangs that sometimes hid one of her bright blue eyes.She even wrapped her chest to avoid the stares of guys at school, not that it could hide her rather gifted breasts from the envious glances of the other girls.

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Sandy led her straight to the improvised bar on the large kitchen counter and ordered 'the special' for Ashley with a wink to the bartender.

He nodded with a polite smile, and quickly mixed up a particularly hard-looking drink just out of view. Soon enough she had gone through a few rounds and was beginning to bob her head to the music that pounded through her whole body.

You'll go there, drink a bit, dance a bit, and be back in time for breakfast." Sandy smiled, flashing that grin that Ashley knew all too well.

She knew Sandy was stretching the truth, with her devious grin and flashing eyes, but...

She smoothed out the little skirt, which hardly came to mid-thigh, trying to cover up the cute-girl white panties Sandy had insisted on. "You're going to have the boys drooling all over you! " Ashley asked, watching the trees enclose around them.