Like dating french man

London-based comedy writer Aaron Giles, 28, allowed Google's autocomplete feature to fill out his online dating profile with hilarious results.Ahhh, the elusive style of la femme française…Subtle, sexy, with a mix of nonchalance, confidence, mystery and effortlessness, her look is never too simple or too sharp.

In France, women are comfortable and open about their sexuality. Elderly women in their 60’s and 70’s speaking freely about their dating preferences, their libido and how to achieve an orgasm. I guess nobody wants to know or imagine that older people are still sexual beings with needs. Here’s the lowdown based on three years of people watching and tireless research on contemporary French Fashion blogs.

For them, talking about this stuff is as natural and matter of fact as brushing their teeth. French Style Philosophy For starters, I firmly believe their style-DNA is passed down from their uber-chic mothers and grandmothers alike.

They don't snack between meals and the meals themselves are nothing to get excited about in terms of portion size.

Portion control does however mean they don’t have to diet and/or spend half the day at the gym.

Surely it can’t look any worse, I thought, as I continued chopping away desperately in an attempt to uncover a person that would look like an improved version of me.