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The belief is that this shared space, of love for a child and sexual love must define pedophilia or some other kind of sexually unacceptable deviance.But if he can prove to himself that the two intimacies do not share space, any space, then he might feel safe from this internal accusation.So before you can get the confessing under control or before you can open up about even having the unwanted thoughts at all, you may need to speak with an OCD specialist trained in understanding what’s going on.

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Justified or not, understood or not, the pedophile is the one character nobody can ever vouch for. So it comes as no surprise that the mother lode of horrifying ideas finds its home in the mind of so many OCD sufferers.

Fear of being a pedophile combines the worst of several common obsessions, from Harm OCD (fear of acting violently against the vulnerable), sexual orientation OCD (fear of being attracted to the “wrong” kind of person), and moral scrupulosity (fear of breaking society’s strictest moral codes).

Therapists are trained to diagnose mental illnesses, but many are trained poorly in the diagnosis of OCD, disregarding anyone who doesn’t struggle with handwashing.

Therapists are also trained in assessing safety risks, and in most cases are mandated by the government to report suspected danger to children.

Long before that, intimacy was when he was a child, clinging to parent, but that was too long ago to recall.