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The other woman present was the leader of Level Two, Commandant Burke.

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The first was Commandant Teresa, who had been with her for a number of years and was perhaps the most loyal person on her staff, perhaps even a little bit too loyal Natasha thought, as her jockeying for the top spot was becoming all too transparent.

The second leader on Level One was a younger woman named Dominique, now officially known as Commandant Dominique after a promotion.

The few that did manage to depart were never heard from again.

Natasha made that perfectly clear to all new employees before they ever started their first day, this would be a lifetime job. Natasha walked over to the desk in her room and glanced at the pictures of the two candidates again, knowing that within the next few months she would have to end her search and pick someone as this distraction was starting to affect everyone at Stonebriar.

She managed to climb back into bed at get a few hours of sleep before her alarm went off at AM sharp.