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Thus you will be able to contact ladies who have just started their search, and are not yet involved in correspondence or relationship, so they are more likely to be attentive to your letters/emails/phone calls.

Local agencies also place ads in the same newspapers, only in Russian.

Specifically, we will focus on Designing Token-Based Economies, a key theme for this conference.

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The best in this case is if the representative is based in Moscow; letters from Moscow arrive considerably fast (3-7 days) nation wide.

The strong point of Western agencies is their large databases, but it turns out to be their weakness as well: the larger the database is, the more difficult it is to manage and keep it up to date.

The addresses of women are very seldom verified, and the women are almost never contacted on a regular basis.

All protestations that women featured are still available and don't correspond with anybody should not mislead you: even if a particular lady was not contacted by anybody through this agency, women never send their data to only one agency, and she is likely to get dozens letters through another service.

Also, agencies receive a number of applications via websites.

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