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In 1747, toen Finland deel uitmaakte van het Zweedse rijk, besloot men om een fort te bouwen als belangrijkste basis voor de strijdkrachten in Finland .

Een groep eilanden in de buurt van Helsinki werd uitgekozen voor deze burcht, die Sveaborg (‘Fort van Zweden’) werd genoemd.

Covering an area of 210 ha and consisting of 200 buildings and 6 km of defensive walls, the fortress stretches over six separate islands.

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The landscape and the architecture of the fortress have been shaped by several historic events.

It has served to defend three different sovereign states over the years: the Kingdom of Sweden, the Russian Empire and most recently the Republic of Finland.

The fortress has only a few buildings dating from the Finnish era, but they retain their own distinctive identity.

A sharp rise in sea level or increased rainfall could threaten the property.

Authenticity The fortifications and the various buildings, all dating from different eras, as well as the surrounding environment, help preserve Suomenlinna’s characteristics, particularly with regard to building materials, methods and architecture.