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Rumor has it that he was selected but his contact information was lost and his assumed name caused confusion.

He supposedly went for another audition several months later, only to discover he'd been selected and they were looking for him.

He began in 2006 with a record focusing on Spanish/Latin songs but nixed it because the direction didn't seem right.

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The couple welcomed their first baby boy, James Hoke Dorough on .

On 16 February 2013, they gave birth to their second child named Holden John Dorough.

The young boy gravitated to performing, including singing in the school and church choirs as well as acting in a few local theater troupes.

Small parts followed for him in films like the comedies In April of 1992, Howie Dorough auditioned for the Backstreet Boys under the name Tony Donetti.

Happy in all areas of life, a grateful Dorough wants to give back to others.