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I have to feel like she is going to be a caring loving responsible mother. I saw this one woman, in a group, who was simply beautiful(not a model type),she had great teeth,healthy hair,nice skin texture,medium size-just an average woman.

Having a decent job and education(I do too) is equally important. I just imagined that she could make me a beautiful baby girl,almost just like herself. I had to console her by holding her,which looked strange to her group.

Would you be interested in hopping on a yacht with a squad of sex workers available 24/7 for sex-and-drug romps?

Down in Colombia, Good Girls Company (lol) is offering exactly that.

This week we lost an American icon, a legend of cool, an ambassador of sexiness: our founder and guiding spirit, Hugh Hefner. There aren’t enough words to properly explain how Hef single-handedly pushed American culture in uncomfortable ways, but he did make the whole world a lot damn sexier.