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if anybody has experienced this or has any advice to give me so i can be retained in the navy i sure would appreciate.

Thank you from what I have seen how you are processed depends upon whether or not your chain of command likes you.

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I popped with 6 months left in my contract and the said thing was that I was drunk ans did some coke.

I was a first timer that was the sad master at arms told me that if I did not admitt to it that I would get court martialed , so I did I wrote a statment.

Damn that sucks, I recieved an oth last year from the USMC, I am in the beginning stages of filing an appeal. I was in the infantry for almost four years and graduated from multiple schools that required hundreds of hours of mental and phiscal strain. now I hear people are getting off on their first offence. I refused to give up fellow Marines names, and was harrassed for 6 months and sent home Other Than Honorably. If I could somehow re-enlist I would, But I don't know what to do. When you recieve an OTH discharge, it is NOT automatically upgraded after 6 months.

I have heard that an OTH changes to a regular General after 6 months. You have to spend lots of money and time to achieve the upgrade. You have 15 yrs to submit an form DD 293 to possibly get an upgrade and then after 15yrs you have to go before a military correction board, or something like that. I recieved an OTH after popping positive on a piss test.

I'll fly to washington just so they will here me out,but I just need hope from someone that it is possible and how long should it take.