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On the other side of the desk, there were two handcuffs' bangles drilled with the surface of the table at both the ends.

As I gone closer and stood above the chair, the hanging clips from the ceiling stayed close to my chest.

Without a word, Aunty went to the other side of desk, and took the seat in the other chair. "You are a slow learner son." Even before her sentence could end, she brought one very hard slap on my right cheek, and then a second one on the follow up. If you don't complete the given assignments son, I'm afraid of your freedom. You are free to expect ruthlessness." Aunty's raised exquisite pitch was very elegant. Aunty didn't had any trouble doing or saying it and she looked very comfortable.

Her fierce eyes looked at me, "You seem scared son. I felt very ashamed and was brought back to my submissive guise. My fear was slowly going away with the confident glare in her eyes.

Sweet criticisms are always welcomed, have a good time. Aunty went to the side wall at a switchboard and pushed a switch down to turn it on.