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Its explicit narrative, as well as unconventional depiction of human desire, is certainly amongst the boldest in mainstream cinema.

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I like its subversive tone, I like how it is filmed, and above all I like the fact that it plays with forbidden themes that few mainstream directors would have the guts to tackle.

Sure, it certainly looks dated but I suppose this is what makes it charming, a little less serious than what some of its vehement opponents claimed it was more than thirty years ago.

A beautiful young woman (Corrine Clery) is taken to a gothic mansion where her lover (Udo Kier) will introduce her into a world of seduction, pain, humiliation, and ecstasy.

She would participate in a ritualistic game where men and women will play their fantasies while following a strict set of rules.

If you expect to see a lush, well-defined, and bursting with colors transfer, then you are in for a great deal of disappointment.

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