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Mental Health America recognizes that there are limited circumstances when involuntary commitment must be used as a last resort.

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Unless there is a full array of community mental health services, mandatory outpatient treatment has not been shown to add to the effectiveness of community mental health services and, indeed, may interfere with recovery by compromising personal responsibility and lowering self-esteem.

While MHA does not support involuntary outpatient commitment, it also recognizes that it is a reality in communities across the nation.

Mobile teams can operate out of a wide variety of locations, either centralized or distributed throughout the community.

Although some mobile crisis teams may specialize in serving adults or children exclusively, it is important to note that these teams often become involved in treating the entire family or other support system.

When the "dangerousness standard" is used, it must be interpreted more broadly than "imminently" and/or "provably" dangerous.o (9.2.9) State laws should also allow for consideration of past history in making determinations about involuntary commitment and/or court-ordered treatment because past history is often a reliable way to anticipate the future course of illness."Excerpts from the PUBLIC POLICY PLATFORM of The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), by the Public Policy Committee of the Board of Directors and the NAMI Department of Public Policy and Research, on the web at