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My mother made these recipe when we were visiting Cooperstown in October.

It was so warm and hearty I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Previously, the Supreme Court had addressed in Quality King Distributors, Inc. As a result of the Kirtsaeng decision, any individual or business may import and sell in the United States lawful, foreign made copies of copyrighted works (for example, books and music) without getting permission from the copyright owner. Pricing strategies are significant in light of potential arbitrage, making a legally imported product less expensive than the same product sold in the United States.

Prior opinions of the Supreme Court, had not addressed the issue of whether the “first sale” doctrine applies to a product manufactured abroad. In the Quality King Distributors’ case, the Court held that the First Sale Doctrine applies when the imported goods were originally made in the United States. copyright owners doing business abroad should reevaluate their pricing strategies and seek to protect their geographical markets through contracts.

See these as a funny story to tell the grandkids once you ve found your match.