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In every form that chemical energy takes, it is possible to observe the way in which it is produced, stored and released. The food people eat, whether it comes from a plant or animal, is a form of stored chemical energy that bodies use to move around and function in the world.

Solar energy from the sun allows plants to grow which is then transformed into chemical energy in the tissues of the plant.

Other than through the warmth of the sun, homes are largely heated by various forms of chemical energy. As it burns, the chemical bonds in the structure of the wood are broken down and both heat energy and light energy are produced as a result.

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Using those sugars as a fuel source, plants power the biosphere, creating oxygen-rich air to breathe and food for humans and animals.

When plants die or are consumed, their energy is released.

Interestingly, fossil fuels -- which are considered a non-renewable resource -- originate as plants, which collect solar energy and transform it in the process of photosynthesis into chemical energy.

The chemical energy is stored in the form of sugars that are in the tissues of plants.

When something causes those bonds to the break, the molecules become rearranged, and the energy is released, often taking on one of the other forms of energy.