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daily chart daily cut off daily factor daily high daily list daily lock-in daily low Daily Money Manager (DMM) daily price limit daily report daily trading limit Daimyo bond daisy chaining Dalal Street Dalian Commodities Exchange (DCE) damages damp down danger money dangerous asset Danish Krone dark cloud cover dark liquidity pools dark pools dark trading Darvas Box Theory dash to trash data analysis data processing coverage data processing insurance Datastream date draft date of acquisition date of maturity date of payment date of record date stamp dated dated date dating datum David Hasselhoff index dawn raid DAX DAX 100 day around order day book day count convention day cycle day loan day of deposit to day of withdrawal account Day of the Jackal fraud day order day release day to day (DTD) day trade day trader daylight overdraft daylight trade dayrate volatility days accounts payable days accounts receivable days inventory days payable days receivable days sales of inventory (DSI) DBA DCF de facto de jure corporation de minimis tax rule de-escalation clause dead cat bounce dead hand provision dead hand provision on poison pill dead loss dead money deadbeat deadline deadlock deadweight loss deal deal blotter deal date deal flow deal slip deal stock deal structure deal ticket dealer dealer bank dealer loan dealer market dealer median prepayment speed dealer option dealer paper dealing dealing board dealing desk dealing floor dealing-only broker dear death benefit death in service death play death put death spiral convertible Death Star IPO death tax death valley curve death-backed bonds debasement debenture debenture bond debenture capital debenture redemption reserve debenture stock debit debit balance debit bureau debit card debit column debit memorandum debit note debit side debit spread debit ticket debris removal clause debt debt accordion debt adjusted cash flow (DACF) debt bomb debt burden debt cancellation debt cancellation contract debt capital Debt Ceiling debt collection agency debt collector debt consolidation debt counselling debt coverage ratio debt displacement debt elimination debt exchangeable for common stock (DECS) debt fatigue debt financing debt fund debt instrument debt limit debt limitation debt management debt management ratio debt market debt obligations debt overhang debt ratio debt retirement debt security debt service debt service coverage ratio debt settlement debt shelf debt signaling debt snowball debt swap debt tender offer debt to credit ratio debt to equity debt to GDP ratio debt to income ratio debt to worth ratio debt warrant debt-based asset debt-convertible bond debt-equity swap debt-to-capital ratio debt/asset ratio debt/EBITDA ratio debt/equity ratio debtaholic debtholder debtor debtor in possession debtor nation debtor-in-possession financing deceased alert decedent decedent (IRD) deduction decedent deduction December effect decentralized market deciding factor decile rank decimal decimal point decimal trading decimalization decision declaration declaration date declaration of estimated tax declaration of restrictions declare declared dividend declination decline declining balance method declining issues declining volume decrease decreasing returns to scale decreasing term insurance decreasing term life decree dedicated capital dedicated portfolio dedicated short bias dedication deduct deducted deductible deductible clause deductible contribution deductible IRA deduction deed deed in lieu of foreclosure deed in trust deed of reconveyance Deed of Release Deed of Surrender Deed of Trust deed restrictions deemed IRA deep discount broker deep discounted rights issue deep in the money deep market deep out of the money deep-discount bond deer market defamation default default judgment default premium default rate default risk defaulted interest defeasance defeasance clause defeasance process defeased securities defect of record defence defence counsel defence document defend defendant defensive acquisition defensive buy defensive interval defensive investment strategy defensive open market operations defensive stock defer deferment deferment period deferral deferral of taxes deferral principal deferred account deferred annuity deferred availability deferred billing deferred call deferred charge deferred compensation deferred coupon note deferred credit deferred creditor deferred debit deferred gain deferred group annuity deferred income taxes deferred interest deferred interest bond deferred load deferred maintenance deferred maintenance account (DMA) deferred month deferred nominal life annuity deferred option month deferred payment deferred payment annuity deferred payment letter of credit deferred payment method deferred payment option deferred premium option deferred revenue deferred share deferred tax deferred tax asset deferred tax liability deferred wage increase deficiency deficiency judgment deficiency letter deficiency payment deficit deficit financing deficit net worth deficit spending deficit spending units defined asset fund defined benefit plan defined contribution plan defined portfolio definitive securities deflate deflation deflationary deflationary policy deflationary spiral deflator deflection of tax liability defray defunct degree of combined leverage (DCL) degree of financial leverage (DFL) degree of operating leverage (DOL) degree of relative liquidity (DRL) degree of risk dehedge del credere del credere agency delayed delayed annuity delayed delivery delayed disbursement delayed exchange delayed issuance pool delayed opening delayed perpetuity delayed quote delayed settlement processing deleverage deleveraged floater delinquency delinquent delinquent mortgage delinquent return delist deliverable bills deliverable grades deliverable instrument delivery delivery instrument delivery month delivery notice delivery option delivery point delivery price delivery service delivery vs.

repayment delta delta cross hedge delta hedging delta neutral Delta One delta spread DEM demand demand analysis demand bill demand clause demand curve demand deposit demand elasticity demand forecast demand function demand index demand inflation demand line of credit demand loan demand price demand rights demand schedule demand side economics demand-led inflation demand-pull inflation demarker indicator dematerialization demerger demise demised premises demising wall demo account Democratic Republic Congo Franc demographic transition demographics demolition clause demolition insurance demonetization demutualise demutualization denationalization denominated denomination density density zoning Department for Work and Pensions Department of Commerce Department of Housing and Urban Development Department of the Treasury Department of Trade and Industry dependency ratio dependent dependent properties dependent variable depletion depletion expense deposit deposit broker deposit in transit deposit insurance Deposit Insurance Fund deposit multiplier deposit note deposit or provisional premium deposit slip deposit transfer deposit-taking institution deposit/withdrawal at custodian (DWAC) depositary receipt deposition depositor depository depository fund transfer check Depository Institutions Act of 1982 Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act depository preferred depository transfer check (DTC) depository trust and clearing corporation Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC) Depository Trust Company depository trust company tracking (DTCT) deposits paid depreciable real property depreciate depreciated cost depreciation depreciation expense depreciation insurance depreciation recapture depreciation tax shield depress depressed market depressed price depression depth of market depth tables deregulate deregulation derivative derivative market derivative pricing models derivative security derivatives time bomb derivatives transaction execution facility (DTEF) derived demand descending bottoms descending tops descending triangle descending triple bottom descent description desecuritization design-build designate designated agent designated beneficiary designated investment exchange (DIE) Designated Order Turnaround designated Roth account designer desk Desk (the) desk trader desktop ticker destabilise destabilizing speculation detachable warrant detection risk Determination Letter determine detoxification detrend Deutsche Aktien Xchange 30 (DAX 30) Deutsche Bundesbank Deutschmark devaluation devalue developed country developed markets developer developing country development area development loan development stage enterprise developmental drilling program deviated rate deviation devise devisee devisor devolvement Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) diagnosis diagonal spread dial dialing and smiling diamond investment trust diamond top formation Diamonds difference check difference in conditions differential differential disclosure differentiation strategy difficulty diffusion index digested security digit digital money digital option digits deleted dilute diluted earnings per share diluted share dilution dilution levy dilution of ownership dilution of shareholding dilutive dilutive acquisition diminish diminishing marginal product diminishing marginal returns diminishing marginal utility diminishing return dinar dip direct direct access broker direct access notes (DANs) direct access trading direct business direct cost direct debit payment direct deposit direct estimate method direct financing direct holding system direct investment direct issuer direct labor cost direct labor efficiency variance direct lease direct loan direct loss direct mailing direct market access direct marketing direct material cost direct method direct paper direct participation program direct placement direct play direct premiums written direct profit Direct Public Offering direct purchase direct purchase program direct quote direct reduction mortgage direct relationship direct rollover direct sales comparisons approach direct selling system direct sends direct share ownership Direct Stock Purchase Plan direct tax direct taxation direct transfer direct write off method direct write-off method direct writer direct written premium directed order directed share program directed verdict direction Directional Movement Index directional trading directly director director of insurance Director of the Budget directorate directors and officers liability insurance directors' indemnities directors' report directorship dirham Dirks test dirty stock disability disability benefit disability income insurance disability insurance disability insurance trust fund disability pension disallow disappearing deductible disaster myopia disbursement disbursement float disbursing agent discharge discharge in bankruptcy discharge of lien disciplinary layoff disclaimer disclaimer of opinion disclaimer trust disclosable event disclosure disclosure authorization form disclosure document disclosure of shareholding disclosure requirements discontinued discontinued operations discount discount arbitrage discount bond discount broker discount interest discount loan discount margin discount payment discount point discount rate discount security discount spread discount to net asset value discount window discount yield discountable discounted discounted after-tax cash flow discounted basis discounted bill discounted bond Discounted Cash Flow Analysis discounted future benefits discounted in/by market discounted payback period discounted properties discounted value discounted value table discounter discounting mechanism discounting the news discovery value accounting discrete compounding discretion discretionary discretionary account discretionary ARM discretionary beneficiary discretionary client discretionary expense discretionary income discretionary order discretionary proposition discretionary trust discrimination discrimination testing discussion memorandum diseconomies of scale disenfranchise disequilibrium disequilibrium price dishonor dishonoured cheque disinflation disinflationary disintermediation disinvest disinvestment disk diskette dismal science disparity index dispersion displaced moving average display book disposable income disposable personal income dispose disposition disposition fee dispossess proceedings disproportionate distribution disqualification disqualify disqualifying income dissolution dissolve distraint distress sale distress securities fund distress termination distressed security distributable net income (DNI) distributing syndicate distribution distribution area distribution by coupon distribution by issuer distribution capability distribution cost distribution date distribution in kind distribution line distribution network distribution period distribution plan distribution reinvestment distribution slip distribution stock distribution waterfall distributor divergence diversifiable risk diversification diversified diversified carry basket diversified fund diversified holding company diversified investment company diversity score divest divestiture divestment divided cover dividend dividend addition dividend adjusted return dividend arbitrage dividend capture dividend clawback dividend clientele dividend date dividend discount model dividend discount return (DDR) dividend drag dividend enhanced convertible stock (DECS) dividend equivalent right dividend exchange traded fund dividend exclusion dividend frequency dividend in arrears dividend irrelevance theory dividend limitation dividend notification dividend order dividend payout dividend payout ratio dividend per share dividend policy dividend puzzle dividend rate dividend recapitalization Dividend Record Dividend Reinvestment Plan dividend requirement dividend rollover plan dividend signaling dividend tax credit dividend test dividend trade roll/play dividend warrant dividend yield dividends payable dividends-received deduction divisible contract clause Division of Corporate Finance Division of Enforcement Division of Investment Management division of labor Division of Market Regulation divisor diworsification DJF DJIA Djibouti Franc DKK DNR do it yourself investing do not increase (DNI) Do Not Reduce do-it-yourself conveyancing doctor document image processing document needs list documentary tax stamps documentation documentation preparation fee documentation requirements documents documents against acceptance (D/A) documents against payment (D/P) Dogs of the Dow doing business as doing the reverse desk doji Dojima Rice Exchange dole queue dollar dollar area dollar auction dollar bears dollar bond dollar bond index linked securities (dollar BILS) dollar carry trade dollar cost averaging dollar drain dollar duration dollar gap dollar limit dollar price dollar rate dollar return dollar roll dollar safety margin dollar shortage dollar stop dollar terms dollar volume dollar-weighted rate of return domestic domestic bond domestic consumption domestic corporation domestic currency domestic demand deflator domestic insurer domestic market domestic production domestic rate domicile dominant tenement Domini 400 Social Index Dominican Dollar Dominican Republic don't fight the tape don't know donated stock donated surplus donee donor donor managed investment account doomsday call door-to-door salesman DOP dormant account DOT dot-com double double auction market double barrier option double bottom double budget double counting double exempt double exponential moving average (DEMA) double hedging double indemnity double leverage double net lease double no touch option double one touch option double option double tax-exemption double taxation double top double top breakout double up double witching hour double witching week double-declining balance depreciation method double-digit double-dip lease double-entry bookkeeping doubling option doubtful dovish Dow Dow dividend theory Dow divisor Dow Jones & Company Dow Jones Asian Titans 50 Index Dow Jones Averages Dow Jones BRIC 50 Index Dow Jones CDX Indexes Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50 Dow Jones Global Titans 50 Index Dow Jones Index Dow Jones Industrial Average Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) yield Dow Jones Sustainability World Index Dow Jones Transportation Average (DJTA) Dow Jones U.

S.), and offer therapy, criminal defense, and practical help in starting a new life.

The new field of “data science” trains people in how to sift, clean, organize, and make practical use of the huge new mounds of information now being produced by computer networks.

An epidemiologist might use data science to find commonalities in patients experiencing a rare disease.

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