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So, lets say you have a VMware ESXi server on your local network. Only the DNS server needs to remember the IP address. Synology diskstation also has a DHCP server that you can use to dynamically assign IP addreses to hosts on your network.This means you can power up a new laptop, ipad, or guest VM on your network and it will be able to use the network without configuring anything.

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DDNS is most useful when it is teamed with a DHCP server; as the DHCP server hands out IP addresses to clients, it can send a DDNS update immediately.

This allows mobile or transient clients to keep a stable hostname and to always be found through a DNS lookup.

This script does that and it now does it without overwriting static DNS entries in the range of .

2014-11-10 Fixed a bug where DNS update would fail if DHCP client does not specify a hostname 2014-11-23 A new script is available to update DNS within 10 seconds of a new DHCP reservation 2015-05-01 DHCP leases in are now supported.

2015-08-13 A new script is available to start this service each time the synology diskstation boots up.