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Their latest full-length album, "Youth," released independently under the band's own label, El Music Group, has produced the singles "Better Now," currently part of a Special K commercial, and "How Do You Love," which will be featured in the upcoming movie, "Bee Season," starring Richard Gere. When we went into high school they got more lax-especially for me because I'm the third son. Then, when the parents weren't looking, we were busting out the "Highway to Hell" and "Back in Black" [by AC/DC]. I share the same general faith [as] how I was raised. It's all about forgiveness and trying to attain unconditional love. The title of your latest album, "Youth," brings up images of new beginnings and rebirth.

Guitarist Dean Roland talks to Beliefnet about growing up a preacher's kid and the band's new beginning. What are you looking forward to in your new beginning?

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For so long it was us trying to force things-feeling the pressure of trying to make other people happy, whether it was the record label or management-and now we're sitting back and enjoying it, having fun and letting the success happen on its own. I think there's definitely another place beyond this. Heaven is this utopian culture where everyone serves each other. When people find their niche and connect with the gifts that they've been given, then they use those gifts and they serve others.