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As part of a complementary breakfast these hotels provided soft-boiled (or soft-cooked to be correct) eggs with egg cups. A few months ago something brought them to mind and I began looking for some.

Since most Americans have never seen an egg cup I wasn't surprised they were a little hard to find.

I'd never heard of egg cups until I had a two year stint of many trips to Germany, the Netherlands, once to France, plus personal visits to England.

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Hundreds of wooden egg cups have been made over the years.

In fact, some of the earliest egg cups were made of wood.

After many years of trying to fend off competition from an increasingly globalised market place it finally closed its doors in 2008, another casualty of the economic crash taking its toll on Stoke.

Walk through those doors, though, and it’s a different story.

Novelty cups are probably the most diverse of all cups, chickens (being a common shape), birds, fish, mammals and the rest of the animal kingdom has been well represented over the years.

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