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Sightseeing Sampan The sampan ride takes in the junks, sampans, trawlers and houseboats crammed together and passes under the Ap Lei Chau Bridge to the floating restaurants, luxury pleasure craft moored in Aberdeen Marina at Sham Wan and the shipyards lining both sides of the harbour.About 5000 people still live on boats in the harbour and washing lines, pot plants and fishing nets being repaired often adorn the decks.The upper deck which was once a mahjong parlour for staff is operated by Café Deco group was transformed into the alfresco Top Deck restaurant serving fine Western food.

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Jumbo Floating Restaurant Jumbo Kingdom underwent a complete renovation is 2003 and has essentially become a floating theme park with shopping, sightseeing and cultural attractions as well as dining.

Dragon Court and Jumbo Chinese Restaurants on the first and second floors deck offer Cantonese cuisine with fresh seafood being a speciality.

The longest established have been Sea Palace Floating Restaurant which was sold and towed to either the Philippines or Australia some years ago (there are conflicting sources on this issue) and the current two floating restaurants moored next to each other in the harbour, Jumbo Floating Restaurant and Tai Pak Floating Restaurant which are now under the same management and collectively known as Jumbo Kingdom.

The current restaurants do not actually "float" and are supported on concrete.

The restaurants look out to the luxury yachts of the exclusive Aberdeen Marina Club to the front and the high-rise blocks of Ap Lei Chau to the rear.