Dating site for soul mate

Now, with additional data, I can offer scientific guidance about dating depending on which personality you are—especially if you're looking for chemistry that lasts. Type: The Explorer Traits: Highly curious, creative, energetic, spontaneous.

How to find your match Type: The Builder Traits: Calm, social, popular, and good at managing people, networking, and building family and community.

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The truth is, while certain personalities may be best suited to each other, it doesn't mean that other matches can't work.

I've just completed a study with three fellow scientists on men and women who reported still being madly in love after an average of 21 years of marriage.

Famous examples: George Washington, Colin Powell, Tiger Woods, Jennifer Aniston, Queen Elizabeth. If you are a Builder: Don't let your taste for plans and schedules get in the way of trying new things on a date??? Brag a little (Builders can be too modest) and, despite your love of socializing with the gang, take some time to be alone with your romantic interest.

Under the influence: The defining neurochemical in Builders is serotonin, which modulates moods like aggression, anger, and calm. Your tendency to be protective will be appreciated, but make sure you don't appear controlling.

We found that their brain scans showed high activity in regions associated with romantic passion and attachment—key no matter what personality type you are.