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Imagine if you wake up tomorrow morning and the electricity is out and your heat is off. You find your neighbor and then he locates an old battery operated shortwave radio that is still working and then you hear this: An EMP has occurred high over the United States from a nuclear explosion that is believed to have come from a missile from some unidentified ship and the entire electrical grid in America and parts of Canada is down.

Official United States government sources could not say when anyone in the United States would have electricity again.

I wrote about the subject of the possibility of an EMP attack in a series I wrote called Imminent dangers to the United States.

Any one of the six dangers I wrote about in that series could be the reason why America is not in Bible prophecy. Now almost 4 years later the danger is growing and still very little has been done to insure that the people of the United States could survive an EMP.

Or for that matter anything that might bring about civil disorder in this nation. What do you think Christians should be doing to prepare for the inevitable decline or fall of this nation?

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