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Research by the Korea Institute of Criminology in 2016 showed that 76.6 per cent of sexual crime offenders from 2005 to 2015 had a criminal record, including that of sexual assault and murder, legitimising the need for such a law here although privacy concerns remain.

The move is part of the Moon Jae-in administration’s goals for improving welfare and safety included in its five-year road map announced Wednesday, reflecting the sense of urgency felt by the presidential office.

But, many are sceptical whether the measure will be sufficient to do so.

Specific periods were set in place to address each issue.

From today to August 31, it will focus on curbing dating violence by encouraging victims and witnesses to file abuse reports and scaling up its investigations into such cases. From today until August 25, it will strengthen initiatives to prevent prostitution of minors by monitoring websites and applications they have easy access to.

So, how do citizens meet other potential bachelors if online dating is a no-go?