Dating my guild guitar

While there can be no guarantee that the documents that come with a guitar are actually related to that item they “may” me useful.

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Please be advised we are not affiliated with Guild Guitars and we do not sell guitars. Can you tell me what Free hiv online dating in ct it is or where I can look it up to get more information about the guitar. Go to the Adirondack Guitar link the info is there.

Guild used Brazilian Rosewood in the early years for Datong guitars and had a similar cut-off to Dating guild guitars other builders in approximately Deal locally if possible.

My Guild has different specifications than the model listed on xxxxx Website?

This entry was posted on December 8, at 4: I have a guild guitar f45ce-sb with the serial number f can anyone help me with dating this guitar?

On a number of brands such as Fender and Standel a date is written either on the base of the neck or on the guitar body where the neck joins.

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