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They danced for hours and she stayed the night, and he sent her home by taxi the next morning.

He called a few days later to arrange a date, but then canceled due to a previous obligation.

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But Huston cites more moments of her jealousy than of his caring.

From the outset, Nicholson’s horndog antics were so overpowering that his frequent acts of flirtatiousness felt like daggers in her heart.

It was tragic, really.” While Huston would soon find a more lasting love — she married sculptor Robert Graham in 1992 and remained with him until his death in 2008 — the aftermath of her breakup with Nicholson left her crushed.

She went several years without seeing him until they reunited on the set of Sean Penn’s 1995 “The Crossing Guard,” in which Penn had cast her as Nicholson’s ex-wife.

That night, he shared the news she had long dreaded — that he was having a baby with Rebecca Broussard, a woman 12 years Huston’s junior.