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Generally speaking, the higher ranked an individual was, the taller and more sumptuous was the chair he sat on and the greater the honour.

On state occasions the pharaoh sat on a throne, often with a little footstool in front of it. The furnishings of the house of Tabubu, daughter of the prophet of Bastet, in the story of Setne Khamwas and Naneferkaptah were luxurious: Setne walked up the stairs of the house with Tabubu.

Incense was put on the brazier; ointment was brought to him of the kind provided for Pharaoh.

The average Egyptian family did not have many possessions which were not in daily use, but the little there was had to be put away. They may not have kept rodents at bay for long, but they were cheap to make and light to carry.

From the III Dynasty onwards lion paws (and sometimes whole stylized lions) were more popular (see the stool leg on the right).

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