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That sentiment is shared by many." Web searching reveals from this website that "CCS is the upper echelon end of surveillance and countermeasures equipment, stocking everything from bullet-proofing kits - yes, you can turn your own car into an armoured Ford sedan - and letter bomb detectors to nightscopes and sophisticated telephone masking and analyzing devices". Featured on pages 66 and 67 of Keith Melton's "The Ultimate Spy Book" (1996 edition).

This camera could be concealed in a variety of items such as handbags, coat, day planners, umbrella shafts, bras (see this as part of collection of photos for the book "Seduced by Secrets" published in 2008 by Kristie Macrakis. Featured on pages 70-71 of Keith Melton's "The Ultimate Spy Book" (1996 edition).

to IEC 60502-2 standard, for electrical power transmission, suitable for laying in earth, over earth and under water. to standard IEC 603323-22A, and for its production is used Elken 4401 – flame-retardant polyolefin.

Reporting a sexual assault can be a traumatic experience.

Complainants have to be prepared to undergo a medical examination and often reveal intimate details of their life.

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SEPTEMBER 2010 High-voltage 64/110 (123) k V – 1×1000 mm2 – AL-XLPE Cable successfully passed all tests acc.