Dating characteristics of capricorn woman

Their independence and natural leadership skills are often the envy of the rest of the herd.This is an alpha female who will kick out if provoked, though she seldom loses her cool, preferring a lighter touch to obtain results.The perfect relationship with a Capricorn woman is one with a combination of love, security, and the golden touch of success.

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Climbing every mountain and crossing every stream, she is the powerhouse of the zodiac.

Her lofty ambition and inner drive often leave everyone else behind in the dust.

As detached as she may sometimes seem to outsiders, the Capricorn woman is extremely loyal to her friends and family, and these people will rely on her to give comfort in times of need, to provide her no-nonsense advice when asked.

While the Capricorn woman would like you to believe that she is the epitome of cool, calm pragmatism, nothing could be further from the truth in the bedroom.

Remember that these are only generalities — any one sign has potential with any other.