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It is very important, but without the connection of emotional intimacy and the ability to form a true attachment, physical intimacy is ultimately unfulfilling.

The relationship is already established on a basis of compatibility.

But you might find yourself lusting after someone only to find out later is a racist or a tax cheat or a liar… Think about the happy hours just “being” with your best friend? In any relationship—if there is even a sliver of dishonesty, there’s a problem.

Todd describes it as the most mind-blowing moment when this woman he already loved and respected became his lover.

They fell love, but true friendship was the bedrock of that love, and ultimately what sustained them.

Because the honeymoon stage in any relationship is fleeting, you will have the stability of your friendship to sustain you into the future.

The fact that you not only love each other, but like each other too, is huge. When “new” love/lust get in the way early on, you may not learn until too late that you really… Sexual attraction is not enough for a meaningful long term relationship.

).◊♦◊So if all the above is true of friendships, what better foundation for a truly successful love relationship than friendship?

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