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This is an important and useful study covering the wide range of handguns made in Spain for domestic and especially foreign sales, including many purchased for use during WW1 by various countries. Superbly researched, and even after 50 years it remains the best single volume on the subject. Besides the thorough and accurate descriptions that enable proper identification of guns there are many sections dealing with gun collecting in general and with specific specialized areas.

Very comprehensive and well researched coverage of a less known (and less popular and therefore less expensive) collecting niche. Near new copy .00 (View Picture) 13995 CIVIL WAR GUNS - William B. and Confederate longarms and handguns, both made in the U. Each has lots of sound advice which is critical knowledge for beginning collectors and a valuable refresher for even the most experienced collectors.

Initially they were in the research nuclear reactor business, drawing on Mainhardt’s work with the WW2 Manhattan Project.

After leaving that business, they stumbled across a Pentagon request for some new weaponry for use in Vietnam, with a vague concept for some sort of miniature rockets.

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All Gyrojets, Finjets, Lancejets, Javettes, and flares up to and including 40mm are shown at actual size, as are .38-caliber and 12-gauge less-lethal rounds.