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I have had my ass grabbed, my stomach touched, and my arms pinched by strangers commenting on my weight.

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It was the first time I didn't have to choose between dressing like a Goth and dressing like a 40-year-old soccer mom. It doesn't matter that we're a, well, huge market -- companies see making clothes for fat people as "bad for (their) image." It's apparently worse to have fat people wearing your clothes than it is to get bad PR for shaming fat people. Fat people are considered fair game for humiliation... Some restaurants are considering refusing service to fat people. Airlines are particularly savage, however, even as they try to cram more people onto a flight.

It's pretty clear that "fat" is also seen as related to class as well as race. I've been terrified of being singled out in front of the rest of the plane and told I have to buy another seat (something apparently they don't do in Canada, where a doctor's note can get you a second seat shame free.) Good luck with that note, though, considering doctors might refuse you for being fat, too. The belief that "personal preference" exists above and beyond cultural norms is ignorant.

And let's add in how beauty is often defined by wealthy white standards, creating unrealistic expectations for, well, everyone else. Anyway, it seems pretty clear that "personal preference" is related more to cultural norms than to some biological urge.

Finally, how about the fact that as we culturally began to freak out about fat... And this manifests in how we date, how we're received, and how people treat our partners.

I mean, stories like Lindsey Averill's about the phone calls and death threats she received for doing a fat documentary should be more than enough proof, but just in case you're still dubious. America manages to champion terrible food while also hating fat people.