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In dealing with the police about matters like this it seems absolute honesty and patience are the best options.They have to go through their routines even if they don't believe anything has happened.So if there is a key to 'winning' in the Family Court it is to leave a good impression with the Cafcass Officer, as they're only interested in what both parties can offer the child.

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Apparently I wouldn't want to carry on living as I'd 'spend the rest of my days paying for her and my son to live in my house while I lived in poverty'.

That was the lowest point in my life, I don't ever want to be there again.

The big decider here being the assessment of the Cafcass Officer and her report.

Luckily for me, my ex-wife's instability and messy private life was picked up by the Cafcass Officer. As I believe is usually the case the Judge in the Family Court went almost entirely on what was said in the Cafcass report.

They were very good and helped with my application for divorce.