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In the Spanish Main are the islands of Cuba, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico, among others. Even Waldseemuller, who nine years earlier had produced new and radical maps reflecting the recent Portuguese exploits around Africa and into the Indian Ocean, had not made a comparable map as this work of Fries, and had not even included Japan on the the world map from his 1513 Ptolemy. [Untitled map of Palestine] First printed map based on first-hand observation,depicting Palestine based on a 13th century pilgrimage. Laor (1127) describes this German issue as the first, with a Latin edition following in 1497. Vasco da Gama reached the island in 1498 and claimed it for Portugal.It retained importance in the European attempts to command the trade with the East Indies and India through the nineteenth century. Two mended tears, one into woodcut, the other affecting the verso text. Infamous anti-Semitic woodcut, and early comet depiction.

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The boy was said to have been murdered so as to use his blood in religious rituals.

See Wikipedia for further background on the history and the cult that sprung up around Simon, which lasted nearly five centuries, until it was disbanded by the Pope in 1965.

This is the completion of a cycle that began when the old landbridge connecting Southeast Asia with Africa on Ptolemaic maps was opened by some cartographers late the previous century after the voyage of Vasco da Gama. The geography is rather interesting, not following the established patterns of the Dutch, Italians, or French Tabula Terre Nove. Unlike the earlier and more limited map of Peter Martyr, it charts a continental Atlantic seaboard, showing a continuous coastline stretching from 35° south latitude, where the mouth of the Rio de la Plata lies, to the latitude of the St. The map forms what appears to be a complete Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Seaboard. This example superimposes the heavens over the Western Hemisphere, with California as an island. Perhaps the most extraordinary is this map intended to show the Americas and Pacific from the inside of the earth looking out. Based purely on the second-hands reports of Marco Polo and the cartographic tradition for the island that had evolved during the fifteenth century, this first map of Japan predates the earliest known European encounter with the island by a few decades. Although the atlas prepared in 1522 by Lorenz Fries was for the most part copied from the 1513 atlas of Waldseemuller, this map was not part of that earlier work and is the creation of Fries himself.