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If you're on vacation, rally your crew for a decadent day out instead of sitting around in sweats all day.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017Has that tiny pile of stuff you've been sweeping under the carpet grown to superhuman proportions, Taurus? That hidden mountain could actually be an active volcano that's ready to blow. Monday, December 25, 2017This Christmas could come with a bout of cabin fever, as outgoing Venus and restrictive Saturn pair up in your adventurous ninth house.

Use a text-based invite app (like Hobnob) so everyone can look up directions, dress code and cover charge—without bugging you!

Steer clear of complicated plans, and don't invite the needy people out of pity.

The Sterkfontein cave system became famous in the 1930s with the discovery of an adult Australopithecus africanus.