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Each and Every one of you is in the business of selling. Whenever someone said they couldn’t afford you, you believed them and scrutinized your wants accordingly. You base your worth and what you hope to receive out of the relationship on other Sugar Babies around you, rather than on your own value. You haven’t focused on creating an amazing Sugar Daddy experience, because you spent your time seeking what you can get out of a Sugar Daddy versus positioning yourself to be the one for him. You believe there is something magical about the Sugar Babies who get what they want, and a piece of that magic is something that you’re hard-pressed to obtain. You feel as though what you are seeking isn’t justifiable to why a Sugar Daddy would provide what you are seeking, rather than focusing on exactly what you will actually do if someone provided you with his financial generosity (because part of you feels there aren’t enough Sugar Daddies out there to want to provide you with what you want if you didn’t label yourself a Sugar Baby). Your have a list of expectations to be with you, and you can’t justify it to your potential Sugar Daddy. You have Sugar Daddies who have gave you too little and they are requesting so much, and now you are getting a stampede of Sugar Daddies who are only wanting to give you little to nothing for what they are wanting in return. And lastly, if a Sugar Daddy asked you for what you want, you answered them right away, losing an opportunity to discuss what they wanted (i.e.

building more worth through a conversation with them).

My recommendation is to spend some time thinking about how you might be able to better establish your worth from the onset and manage Sugar Daddies Experiences.

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“Seeking was created to empower women,” Wade said in a 2012 statement for National Women’s Month.

“A sugar baby is an empowered woman who is tired of dating losers that contribute nothing to her life. Registration for Seeking Arrangement is simple and mirrors most other dating sites, except that here you also choose from a drop-down menu with a desired level of monthly support — an allowance, the site calls it, to “help with bills or tuition, or any other form of pampering such as gifts, travel or meals.” The menu on the path to such goals uses adjectives like High, Moderate, or Practical and even Minimal (less than $1,000/month).

He’d just gotten out of an arrangement with a fashion student because she’d met someone and was dating him seriously, but he was looking to replicate the arrangement.

“It was like having a casual GF one or two nights a week without the commitment, drama and stress of one,” he wrote about his ex-sugar baby.

“I can’t afford you.” “Our company just ‘reorganized’… They ask you about what you want, and that’s when things hit rock bottom…. But for that one who can afford you and still doesn’t want to give you what you want when he can.