Current recordset does not support updating this may be

this may be a limitation of the provider" Dim cn As New ADODB. Recordset Dim db As Variant Dim str SQL As String Dim w Sheet Name As Variant db = "\\SIMPLAN-SWATHI\Users\mgt\dbdata.accdb" //Network DB path cn.

If access the excel and link the database from network PC, the above problem is occurring.

Command Text = "INSERT INTO mbtopics (mmessage) values (? Create Parameter('message', ad Long Var Char, ad Param Input, , lmmessage)Cmd.

Struggled a bit getting the syntax precise but you set me on the right track and I got it to work with the following code Set Con = Server.

Close Set rs = Nothing Set cn = Nothing please explain step by step in detail.. Database and excel are same folder in same PC updating without problem.

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