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The ITT-Mackay name in radio was actively used for decades, sometimes as Mackay Marine ITT and also Mackay Thales.

Nowadays, Mackay Communications Company is doing business out of North Carolina. Mackay's wealth - acquired in Virginia City, Nevada - he would not have had the financial wealth and power to form the vast telecommunications company that eventually allowed his son, Clarence Mackay, to form Mackay Radio & Telegraph Company. Even Jay Gould said that he couldn't beat John Mackay because ",..he (Mackay) needed more money he would just go to Nevada and dig up some more." The historic telecommunications and radio connection to Nevada is certainly real and Mackay and his telecommunications companies there at the beginning.

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FTC also built consumer radios in the mid-1920s under the Kolster name.

FTC's maritime radio equipment was sometimes installed in large consoles that were called Marine Radio Units.

In 1888, Heinrich Hertz proved Maxwell correct with a series of experiments that measured the wavelength of his transmitting device thus proving that EM radiation traveled in waves and therefore was not inductive fields.

By 1891, Nikola Tesla was beginning to demonstrate wireless and in 1892 gave a demonstration of wireless transmission and reception at the Franklin Institute.

These consoles contained all of the necessary radio receivers, transmitters, power supplies and auxiliary equipment necessary for maritime communications.