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While at I30 Speedway in Little Rock, AR, I was able to watch Noah Burlison win the A Feature. Jason was given the oppurnity to drive Travis Jenkins sprint car at Lawton. He WON his heat race and his very first sprint car A Feature!!! 2016 starts off GREAT with Jason's first Midget win!

Noah is a very smooth driver and can go in and out of traffic like it is nothing. This WIN for Jason was exactly 6 years to the day of his very first race at Will Rogers Raceway. Powri Nationals and Powri West started out the season with a big show at Port City.

Dylan and his Dad will be making the show at the Pete Frazier Memorial at Sweet Springs this weekend. David Burlison and Tim Mc Kenzie have the setup down pat for this young man. He picked up right where he left off in his Jr Sprint............ It is going to be so exciting watching him in the Restrictor Class at the Tulsa Shootout this year. Hunter gathered a total of 7 top 5's and 7 top 10's out of 17 races he competed in. He had a fantastic season this year and I can't wait to see what 2017 brings for this young man.. This is Christians Rookie year in the Jr Sprint Divsion at Gulf Coast Seedway in Texas. Saturday's Qualifier put Jason into the 17 starting postition in the A Feature. Madelyn Fritz moved up to the Restrictor Class and WON the Championship in just her second season.

CONGRATULATIONS NOAH BURLISON ON YOUR CHAMPIONSHIP!!!! Christian had 5 Feature Wins in his 2013 Factor 1 Jr Sprint. He also ran in the Lonstar 600 Series where he finished 3rd in points. Working his way to the front, with 5 laps to go he took over 2nd place. He has accomplished a lot in the 7 years he has been racing. With only 1 more race left in the season, Dale Day takes home the Victory!! Going into this weeks races, Dale will try to keep his #97 Factor 1 in the lead for the Championship. Madelyn WON the Jr Sprint Championship at KAM RAceway in 2014 and moved up to Restrictor Class.

Ryan Fulk finished out the 2017 season with the Point Championship with the Black Hills Mini Sprint tour in his MX7 Factor 1. He started 6th in his Heat and made his way to the front pretty much on the last lap to finish 1st.. Jason started 19 in the Nonwing feature and moved up to 4th place. Jason qualified for the outside pole in the A Class car for the A Feature. Tyler ran a fantastic race and was able to bring home the WIN!!! He and his crew had the setup perfect and driver was set on kill. Friday was a regular weekly and since Jason did not have a point average there, he had to start at the back in both classes. SPENCER MARTINEZ IS A 3 TIME ROY COOLEY CLASSIS CHAMPION!!! Then she followed that up with 2 great races of the year getting 2nd , 2 weeks in a row after starting 7th and 9th Brocton Williams has been making a name for himself at SIR Raceway. He also has a 2nd place finish and a 3rd place this season. Jerimiah Sillman had a fantastic weekend and brought hom the WIN for Sillman Racing. This little man has been on a roll this year, winning 4 out of his last 5 races. He just moved up to the Restrictor Class this year and is already showing everyone that he means business on the race track. He was leading in the 3rd A Feature and had some problems causing him to spin. Ryan Timms charges his way to the front of the pack to bring home the trophy in the Jr Sprint class at I44 Riverside Speedway.