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The five elements are rotated every two years with the addition of yin and yang.Egyptian The earliest Egyptian calendar was based on the moon’s cycles, they then adopted a solar calendar of 365 days and the earliest date recorded in the Egyptian calendar corresponds to 4236BC of the Gregorian calendar.

A year contains 12 months of 29 to 31 days, and a new year starts at the spring equinox, which will be on March 30 this year.

Hebrew It is a solilunar calendar that contains 12 months, plus an extra ‘intercalary’ or leap month about every three years.

A stone tablet discovered in the 1960s, in Tabasco, is supposed to have contained predictions of the world’s end on December 21, 2012.

It was basically the end of a cycle in the Mayan calendar that was turned into a Doomsday phobia much like that which everyone was obsessed with when the year 1999 was coming to an end.

Indian/Hindu Last reformed in 1957, this lunisolar calendar start on Baisakhi, which marks the start of the harvest season, falling on April 13 in 2013.