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People who knew only the most superficial facts about him could tell you this. "Are a vulgar and disgusting person.""Wow, you sure know all the words to use for asking a favor, bastard," Naruto muttered."I have a plan.""I can hardly wait.""I need," Sasuke said, hesitantly, "for you to seduce my wife."-o-Naruto had not become the Sixth Hokage by being stupid.

"We can't have children."Naruto rubbed the bridge of his nose and, perhaps for the first time since getting his title, looked at the pile of paperwork on his desk longingly. ""Not remotely, but at least you're almost being honest for once," Naruto said, turning away to look out the office window. "Sasuke bowed his head, suddenly finding his feet fascinating. I don't see what the hell I can do for you.""Well, when I said we couldn't conceive, I misspoke," Sasuke said, bowing his head further. Sakura can't have children."Naruto closed his eyes. So you'd rather somehow get her to fall in love with me (HA! No amount of childhood crush is going to save your ass this time.""Maybe you," Sasuke said. It stung a little to think of just how much Sakura seemed to miss Naruto at times.

Before he left, the Hokage spoke, not looking away from his paperwork.

"Uchiha Sasuke sat in his chair across from the Sixth Hokage looking somewhat bored and disinterested. It was beyond stupid."Let me see if I've got this straight," Naruto slowly, once again rubbing his temples as he let his head rest on his desk.

Only a pure-brained moron with a lust for pain and misery would even be listening to the shit Uchiha Sasuke was saying this very moment."Could you repeat that? The last things he'd ever, EVER wanted to hear were the details of his friends' sex lives. "Far be it for me to disagree with the medic-ninja protege of Granny Tsunade, but plenty of couples try and, ugh, try again with no luck. And something told him Sasuke's entire plan and the logic behind it wasn't just stupid.

That bastard Sasuke, however, refused to cooperate and seemed to be annoyed at having to repeat himself."I told you," Sasuke said in a tone that tried to express indifference, condescension and discomfort all at once. But you'd rather annul the marriage, you just don't have the balls to actually tell Sakura-chan you're divorcing her. It's not like I changed much once I got the funny hat, you know.""For one thing, she misses you, moron," Sasuke said, his voice gruff.

Destructo Rating: Teen/PG-13 (language) Genre: Romance/Humor Summary: Read the title, kid. Naruto was familiar with the expression, but felt such outlandish talk should be accompanied by a similarly outlandish expression. "You want to either annul your marriage to Sakura-chan, or restart this concubine custom. "And what the hell makes you think she's going to fall for me anyway?

Sakura represented the medic-ninjas for both Konohagakure's hospital as well as their field medics.