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Using a Public Enemy and Kanye West sample to get it going , Skindred prove once again that they somehow write hooky metal songs and they don’t care what you think.

Ty Segall’s blend of garage rock and guitar fuzz, along with his attention to detail, is what makes this 17-song double-album—by far the longest of Segall’s seven albums—easily one of indie rock’s best albums of 2014.

All of which, is held together by his breathy vocals.

blending in lead singer Teeny Lieberson’s long-running affinity for R&B hooks.

The psych flourishes are still present in just right the amount, adding delicate flavor to each number. captures unreleased 1981 Johnny Cash songs mixed with more recent recordings for a combination of primetime Cash and the best modern studio work has to offer..

Representing the best of classic country and Cash in his prime, is the perfect album that demonstrates Tom Kroll’s ambient sound.

This is the most personal and mature we’ve heard her yet. The opening track, “Jealous (I Ain’t With It)” gets stuck in your head all day long just after one listen.