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Someone had once described her as "a little terrier". "I want you to stick that in there." He looked at the rear end only a few tantalising inches away from him. * After a quarter of an hour of hard and fairly useless labour they were both sweating. It seemed quicker now and somehow more urgent, whilst the box seemed relentlessly impenetrable. Her plump, large nippled left breast, which, according to her partner, was perfectly symmetrical to her right, although both at that precise moment, looked a little redder and a little more prominent than was normal. Something lying between the woman's outstretched legs. Its surface was actually matt black like the clamps and covered with small knobbly features but right now it gleamed slickly in the overhead lighting. " * Once Sheila had set her mind to something she never gave up. " It only took a second for her to turn round, still bent over, and head butt him in the stomach, but it took him several minutes to regain his composure. If there IS anyone inside there they'd be held rigid…." She glanced up at him and this time he recognised the look in her eyes. There were two objects like blunt ended alligator clamps but matt black in colour and connected by a silver chain, lying only inches away from her left breast. But what she was experiencing now was probably one of the most difficult she would ever come across. Although Bandy now had features of some description they were no closer to finding out the true identity of their "guest" than they had been an hour ago but the breathing noises were louder than ever, she looked at him pointedly. In the meantime Bandy's breath continued to rasp metallically in and out until it seemed to fill the entire room. Might affect her breathing." Sheila was kneeling on the floor and trying to peer inside the box at the same time. "Well don't just stand there," Said the face, "Get going! " The blonde woman smiled as much to herself as to the tall blindfolded woman. " She said sweetly, running a gentle hand up and down the tall woman's bare left leg, who, in turn, tried to raise herself off the bed. " The blonde woman leaned forward and kissed her dark haired friend on the lips once more. Watching the anticipation on Ally's face, she moistened her lips with her tongue and then bowed her head and kissed her gently on the lips. She looked at Allison and smiled showing film star white teeth. When she was no more than a few inches from him she said in a hoarse whisper. He could smell her shampoo, it really did smell of herbs and fruit, and he could smell her, that warm inviting smell that she seemed to exude even when she was at her most pugnacious. She was tugging gently at his hair with one hand, while the other was running its way down his tummy and then stroking the area just above his belt. Aware that the camera could not see all of their movements he slipped his own hand between them and very gently soothed it against the crotch of her faded blue jeans. Sheila broke the kiss threw her head back until she was looking directly into his eyes and said in a voice that was strangely deep and husky, "Fuck me! " he put his hand firmly behind her head and pulled her to him again, whilst the other began to tug at the belt of her jeans and at that precise moment, Bandy began to move hesitantly forward.

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* Her eyes opened wide with astonishment when he returned to the room. " He put the electric saw down on the leather sofa and took her hand. I'm just going to cut through the lid at the four corners which ought to release it enough to let us get the screwdriver underneath it fully and get some proper leverage on it..." He looked down at his hand, which was beginning to throb painfully, "... Sheila was edging closer and closer as if hypnotised and drawn toward the box by some kind of spell and the second lid was beginning to open, both halves raising themselves upwards like Tower Bridge and more and more smoke was pumping out and into the small lounge. So thick that they could no longer see the walls of the room. Meanwhile her hands were stroking gently at her captive's body. The captive pulled a number of faces, smiling, frowning and generally grimacing until she had worked the stiffness out of her jaw, but she was still tied up, still blindfolded and still naked. Her arms, pinioned as they were to her sides, were trying to move and her fingers, held uselessly inert by the mittens and the straps, seemed to be trying to flex. A low keening noise that seemed to be coming from Bandy herself and then, all of a sudden and for no apparent reason, as both Bill and Sheila looked on powerless to intervene, her whole body began to shake violently. The writer asserts the right to be recognised as the author of this piece. "Well," he said slowly, "You could try Bandy's helmet for starters." Sheila came slowly upright. "Well the smoked stopped fairly quickly, didn't it?

He didn't see her grasp both hands together and place them tightly against her cheek. The only other sound was that of the word "bollocks" being said quietly and through clenched teeth from somewhere in the hall. " It had been his Father's and he had never used it before - but there was a time and a place for everything. " "The idea is to get her out of there - not cut her bloody head off! For a few seconds neither of them moved and then he saw it. Smoke was beginning to rise from the body of the box, but it quickly became apparent that it wasn't the smoke produced by burning material because it smelt sweet and cloying and it was rapidly filling the room. She trailed her tongue up onto her chin across her soft peach like cheek, then delved it into her ear and then breathed gently into it for a few moments. " Soft eager fingers reached behind the woman's head to unbuckle the gag and lay it, sodden and dripping with saliva, gently on to the bed. Her muscles tensed and it looked as if she were trying to thrust her head forward. " He looked around the room, at the box and at Bandy who was currently standing darkly, silent and motionless once more, inside it, her hands loosely by her sides like an automaton whose current had been switched off. And yet the more he looked at her, the more he felt that he was being watched, even though he was convinced that she was currently sightless.

Sheila was in attack mode, but attack breeds defence. Or rather, it holds the inflatable hood that was covering her face." "You're so clever!

She took a piece of cotton wool and dabbed delicately at the small puncture and then she moved a little closer and a little closer still and then she lowered her head and bit, very gently, into Ally's neck. " He felt like a small child who had just smashed something precious. I touched her head and…." Her hands were on her hips now and her legs were slightly apart.

The strong but somehow comforting smell of rubber seemed to permeate the entire room. Sheila waved a hand in front of her face to clear smoke away and then she stopped as if frozen to the spot, her voice no more than a whisper. Sheila was no longer visible in the smoke and, suddenly panicked, he called her name and started forward only to bump into something in what was now a whiteout. He was working at a small thin collar around her neck. As he did so the hood loosened and rode up to reveal the features beneath.