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Is possible define the most common and recurrent geometry profile by just insert some parameters. The purpose of TIMELINE feature is too see at glance , what operations are taking most of the machining time.Create slot, slot d on circle, text , regular polygons and much more without touching any cad tool. Every operation has a different colour , if you hover it with mouse cursor you can see the related operation in the viewport. A tool can habe multiple set of cutting data, one set for each stock raw material.There is no registration fee which you have to spend for joining You can also go in for video chat with an individual whom you do not even know properly.

Where applicable , default tools are assigned to newly created operation , considering the previous user selection and compatibilty with that operation.

ECam comes with an internal thread database , covering most of common thread family. No more need to search around for thread depth , taper angle , and pitch values. ECam use a simple system to post process the toolpath into g-code , no need to have experience with any programming language.

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Cam Doodling is a nice utility that was designed in order to allow you to doodle on video images in any of the popular Instant Messaging applications like Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and Skype With Live! The Professional Edition has exports for LINE / ARC only, Polylines and Polyarcs.

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