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Most recently, Wade Potteries, Staffordshire, produced a limited edition run of 500 two-handled cider mugs with the 'Farmers Arms' verse on them for the Taunton Cider Company in 1981.

In addition to mugs, oversized cups and saucers, soup bowls, plates and punch bowl sets there are jugs, often around 17 - 18 cm (7") high. (Pre 153 when taken over by Cobridge Pottery) AW Gale.

Most of this pottery and china is illustrated with farming equipment of the time, (winnowers, ploughs, rakes, pitchforks, shovels, axes, barrels, pails, scales etc) livestock (horses, cattle, sheep and poultry), and produce such as a wheatcrop and wheatsheaf decorated with intertwining leaves and scrolls.

I shear my own fleece and I wear it I have lawns, I have bow'rs I have fruits, I have flow'rs The lark is my morning alarmer So jolly boys now, here's God speed the Plough, Long life and success to the Farmer.

While the verse doesn't mention any of the headaches farmers have always had to contend with - the vagaries of the season, physically demanding work, increasing costs and decreasing prices - it does sum up very nicely the feeling of independence and satisfying productivity that is at the heart of every farmer.

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Burgess & Leigh (B & L Ltd., Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent) also produced pottery with the 'Farmers Arms' poem on it around a century ago - cups and saucers and plates, and a large punchbowl with a set of mugs to match.

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