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Add on a quick read into the Secret Instructions of the Jesuits and you have a good look at the big picture of the controllers and fights going on here and now.

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In the end it is the unknown part of the egos, the aspects that create the cause and effect that we live with in our daily lives that will cause us the most harm.

For without the gnosis of our egos we will have to contend with the problems our egos create for us as well as for others, and it will also stunt our growth to the knowledge of what our creation is all about; and more so what of the Advanced Being that we are involved and evolved from. It is spark of pure cosmic energy from the source, and as we have all well learned and understood, energy can neither be created nor destroyed only transformed.

Putting it all together in a true historical timeline that we can understand and that makes better sense than what we have been fed so far by the system ; even making sense out of the Old Testatment; is Z.

Sitchin (r.i.p.) and his last book There Were Giants Upon the Earth.

Remember they only engineered the biological body human suit and not our soul which is part of the Totality.