Benefits of consolidating vendors adultdatingadvice net

Consolidating suppliers has become a common-sense trend across the business landscape.

Let’s look at why consolidation can work for you, and then explore how to do it well. According to Intuit Quick Books, the more you buy from a single vendor, the more bargaining power you create and the better prices you can negotiate.

The next time a contract comes up for renewal, contact EDGE Business Systems to consolidate your business processes with a trusted and service-oriented business partner.

Filling gaps in your vendor services can be as difficult as filling gaps in your management team.

A global study by the Everest Research Institute actually found that companies with fewer IT suppliers reduced their costs by 22 to 28 percent.

A true vendor-partner such as EDGE Business Systems can also help you know when to upgrade and when it benefits you to stay where you are until the next release comes, which also saves you money.

Traditional thinking would tell you that putting all of your eggs in one basket is not the right decision, especially when it comes to vendor management.