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Missy’s music has kept me and my design team happily energized through countless weekdays, weeknights and weekends during those long hours of sketching, fitting, styling and doing looks.In addition to the boundless energy of her music are the visually pulsating and wildly cartoon-like music videos she made in collaboration with the talented and visionary, Hype Williams.In 2015, he told Howard Stern that though he's been in love, he's held himself back from getting married. Lavigne and Jenner, in New York City in 2011, split in 2012, but he had no hard feelings.

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According to Carrey's suit, his ex only married Burton – within a week of their January 2013 breakup – for citizenship.

It was "a favor for which she agreed to pay him $30,000." Lawyer Michael Avenatti, who represents Burton and Sweetman, calls that claim "complete and utter nonsense."Carrey's claim also states that following that marriage, he and White dated briefly in February 2013, only to break up again.

Regardless, I will hold a place of empathy, and forgiveness for Cat and continue to focus on the many blessings in this life.” Even if you're pop culture obsessed, it's impossible to remember every celeb coupling.

As a refresher, we present former flames who might make you say, "I totally forgot they dated!

2015 death (though a non-disclosure agreement got in the way).