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”) have been asking me since I left, I think, to come back on to the show.“It is not like I never wanted to come back, but I wanted to spread my wings and have some adventures and take on some different roles.“I have loved the character, I always have.

I feel very fortunate to play such a juicy role like that,” she added.

Especially in the entertainment industry; you never know how long your time is and I just thought it was important to have something that is ours. So I did a bit of research on that and found that bamboo was really good for kids with sensitive skin and there was nothing that was really cool that was made out of bamboo. Yes – I’m not the designer but I’m pretty directional with how I want the whole brand to look. But it’s also the hard thing about it because you can’t really stick to, “OK, Monday to Friday I’ll go here and do that”. My daughter is always just putting on a little crazy show. I was thinking at the beginning of last year that it’s something that I wanted to do and then last year was a bit tough for me. I just felt that it was all happening and then I just felt I couldn’t do it any more. Well, there are so many and they’re all so different, so it’s really hard.

But I still let the people who have the skills do what they do. We did do No.3 in the UK for [her band] Rogue Traders. I have sung the anthem at almost every sporting event in Australia.

But even after an unsuccessful marriage, one can enjoy romantic love life with a partner, might it be with a boyfriend or a girlfriend.