Back to school dating tips

How to deal with dating someone who’s still in high school, dating someone who goes to a different college, dating someone who goes to your rival school, to dating someone at your school that has a heavier course load than you.Imagine my surprise when no one was talking about the situation I was in. I have a summer job at a fast food place, and he happened to work there as well. While the age difference of 5 years didn’t affect us much, it was clear that a reoccurring theme in our relationship would be the fact that I was in college, and he was not. While he did take some community college classes, and his goal was to eventually go back to school- it wasn’t feasible at the time. And then folding it 18 times so it fits into a locker. Getting to know someone in a slow, easy way because you have class with them every day. You started off as people who had chem class together every day for months and then watched that relationship blossom into something adorable. Actually confronting someone when you don't want to date them anymore, because you have to see them at school everyday anyway.

Many of you Rookies came through with guidance that will hopefully help incoming freshmen feel a little less nervous (maybe even kinda excited? One thing I wish I’d been told before starting my freshman year is that everyone grows at their own pace.

I spent the majority of my freshman year hating myself because I wasn’t doing some of the interesting things other people my age were doing.

When they do come to a frat party with you or you have to do mundane tasks with them, it’s so much more meaningful because the both of you are experiencing a part of the other’s world that’s normally very separate.

You two are different people living different lives, and sometimes it can feel as if connecting is difficult.

Not wasting your time on someone who was a dick to your friend.