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The trick is to experience the right emotions in the right place at the right time with the right woman, so you both don’t do something you’ll regret.

When emotions kick in, all the regular rules of the universe simply cease to exist.

But usually this actually backfires and makes a woman SUSPICIOUS since she has heard all this stuff before, and the lack of confidence the guy is showing makes her FEEL that this guy probably is NOT socially experienced and maybe IS a psycho. And of course all this stops any attraction from having a snowball’s chance in hell of forming. She is feeling instead SUSPICION, POSSIBLY FEAR, AND REVULSION. What is important is to create the RIGHT emotions, the same way an ARTIST DOES. Now, hold on with me for a sec here: I hate the term pick up artist.

Pick up artists talk about women in derogatory terms. They show off to other guys about how they “scored”.

So you have to rely on the power of EMOTION in many cases for not being taken for granted. Which is why TRUST becomes a major requirement for guys that work the club scene.