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An exploration on the limits - or rather, lack of them - in John and Sherlock's relationship. Rating varies from K all the way up to M - I've put each rating seperately on the inside. Harry's life just gets better and better - a Dark Lord finally gone, an angel stalking him and the bloody Apocalypse means Harry will never get any peace in life.

Naru Sasu Naru, canonish AUDouble potion Slytherin Gryffindors. Draco threw something into their cauldron, and as Neville add the next ingredient, Harry is drenched into a ruined Animagus Revelae Potion... Harry will do anything to make sure Draco comes to no harm even if that means removing himself from Draco's life. John Watson and Sherlock Holmes are in love with each other.

Initial hate yields to increasing understanding, respect and attraction between the two... When the new magic works Harry is removed to Hogwarts where Dumbledore finally tells him the truth. Written Pre HBP Harry Bill Naruto and Sasuke have been dating for a year, and the blond panics when the Uchiha tells him he has a surprise for him for their oneyear. Draco isn't pleased to discover he's a Veela at twenty four, especially since both he and Harry are married to other people.

Naruto needs to find him a present, but has no idea what it should be. Harry proposes a compromise that might work, or might make things monumentally worse. DMHP, FGL, BZSF, OWOC, HPCDSasuke’s mistake thousands of years ago cost him something valuable, his first and only love.

To win a warped bet, Sasuke crossdresses as a schoolgirl.